Why Financial Planning

A financial planner, is someone who uses the financial planning process to help you figure out how to meet your life goals. The planner can take a `big picture` view of your financial situation and make financial planning recommendations that are right for you. The planner can look at all of your needs including budgeting and saving, taxes, investments, insurance and retirement planning.

Or, the planner may work with you on a single financial issue but within the context of your overall situation. This big picture approach to your financial goals sets a financial planner apart from other financial advisers who may have been trained to focus only on a particular area of your financial life.

The financial planner is the best friend you need to advice you on ways of achieving financial goals. He is a client-oriented professional who works in the best interest of customers.

When you have a professional relation ship with a planner, that does not mean that he replaces other professionals such as lawyers or accountants. A planner is a coordinator who works with others in making the planning process work.